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Crossroads Care was named after the British soap opera Crossroads which ran on ITV from 1964 until 1988, and again from 2001 until 2003. In the show, Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon), cared for her disabled son Sandy at home. This storyline provoked a lot of interest from real Carers as it highlighted the lack of support for unpaid people who were also looking after loved ones. In 1973, local Rugby man, Noel Crane, who was being cared for by his mother, saw the programme and wrote to the producer, ATV, complimenting them on their portrayal of the needs of someone with a disability. ATV took him on as an adviser on disability issues and shared his concerns about the lack of support for people, such as his mother, whose life had undergone significant change as a result of his accident. In 1974, ATV donated £10,000 to set up a pilot project in Rugby, Warwickshire, with the aim of supporting Carers in a practical way. This became the first branch of Crossroads Care. In the first year of operation, Crossroads Care supported 26 families. By 2012, Crossroads Care was supporting over 43,000 Carers and their families through a network of local Crossroads Care schemes.

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