Homeless Action in Barnet Ltd

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We opened our doors in 1997. Today we provide support for Barnet's most vulnerable people.  In a standard week around 250 people will seek support from the experienced team at HAB. Our clients receive a welcome, food and a hot shower along with support to help overcome their issues and ultimately assist them in finding accommodation and their own independence.

Our approach

We are proud of the fact that we are a place of change. We don't look at housing in isolation and work with people to achieve the change they have identified they need to make in life. We have support teams targeting three area of advice so that we are with people longer term on their journey to change. One team visits people who are vulnerably housed in the community to prevent potential homelessness, one team works with people currently homeless and rough sleeping and a final team support people who do get housed after a period of homelessness to make sure that this change is working and sustained.

Vision and mission

Our vision is a society where all people have a safe space to call home and are valued equally whatever their personal circumstances. Our mission is to work with vulnerable people so that they gain access to housing, health and other services in order to achieve dignity; to make their own effective choices; and to express themselves as fully independent members of society. We are proud of HAB being a place of change – enabling and facilitating practical change for individuals and promoting the needs of people who are homeless or vulnerably housed within our society.

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