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Hackney Quest was started by a small team in 1988 to provide positive activities for the community’s young people. A borough which suffers significant deprivation, Hackney has always had a large number of young people in need of positive engagement, to help them to develop skills and reach their potential. Young people have remained at the core of what we do, but through the years we have broadened our activities in recognition of wider needs in the community. Young people can only flourish when their parents and carers are well-supported, and everyone benefits from living in a strong, unified community. It is with this in mind that we have developed our community services, including parenting and nutrition classes, education support, confidential listening and signposting, and community volunteering. You can find out more about our ongoing programmes here. Thanks to the long term commitment of our staff, the variety of services that we offer, and the all-through support that we provide, we have a uniquely warm family atmosphere. All our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries are part of a strong, tight-knit, caring community. Read about our people here. Despite the many changes that Hackney has gone through over the course of Hackney Quest’s 30-year history, poverty and deprivation remain major issues: the area surrounding Hackney Quest remains in the 10% most deprived areas of the country. Many other problems, such as crime and educational disadvantage, stem from this. Through all of our programmes and activities, we remain dedicated to helping the young people and families in our community overcome these challenges in order to reach their full potential.


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