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The organizational values of the Free The Forgotten stem that early and positive interventions play an important role in helping the less fortunate communities elevate as well as the youth embarking antisocial behaviours and thereby preventing the youth from a life of crime. Free The Forgotten organization is a Charitable incorporated organisation whose sole purpose is to help the most vulnerable and troubled people in society. The Forgotten organization operational philosophy is based on the less fortunate youths to be given a chance to successfully reintegrate back to the community through training and education programs. Free The Forgotten promotes social inclusion by preventing marginalized people from becoming socially excluded. This organisation supports those people who are socially isolated and assist them to integrate into society successfully. Specifically, those people who are consequently suffering because of unemployment; financial hardships; poor health and poor education outcomes or skills attainment; relationship and family breakdown; poor housing which is homes that do not meet basic habitable standards. We assist our clients in solving their immigration problems, housing needs, employment, benefits, debts and signpost them to the appropriate agencies through referral services.

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