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Fog & Sanitising Process: Delivers a fine mist of sanitising solution to sanitise hard to reach surfaces Sanitise small to large areas in a short time causing minimal downtime & disruption to businesses Can target & reach areas that other domestic & more traditional disinfecting methods cannot Reduces the risk of germs, bacteria & micro-organisms spreading Provides an additional precautionary measure to help protect your family, staff members, customers & the local community All work is carried out by a trained Fog Technician with the use of a handheld fogging machine   Why Fog & Sanitise: We offer environmentally friendly sanitising services and products for use in public spaces, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, public transport, hire cars, shopping centre – communal areas, shops, cafes, cinemas, pubs, restaurants, sporting clubs, fitness centres, offices, childcare centres, schools, community halls, churches, conference centres, businesses, hotels, holiday accommodation, private homes & vehicles.

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Location: London and Kent
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0203 137 6223
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