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To improve the lives of carers in Enfield by championing their right to have choice about how their needs are met and to have a voice in shaping how services are developed for those they care for. We support Carers by providing training, information, a variety of support groups, counselling, complementary therapy and respite activities.

Enfield Carers Centre’s history

Enfield Carers Centre was first incorporated on the 8th February 2010. There was also a separate organisation supporting Mental Health Carers in Enfield, aptly named Enfield Mental Health Carers, which predated the centre by a number of years; incorporated on the 8th October 2001. In September of 2013, these two organisations merged. This merger facilitated the introduction of a number of new projects such as Young Carers, Advocacy, Support and GP Liaison work for the benefit of all carers. A larger team also improved the Centre’s ability to perform outreach and establish partnership working to identify “hidden” carers, which resulted in an increase of carers being registered with the centre. As the number of carers continues to increase the Centre gains more insights to the challenges faced by them allowing our team to take practical measures to support carers on a one to one basis; whilst also feeding back to the local authority and CCG regarding any apparent gaps in social/health provision. The services offered by the Centre continue to grow, such as becoming the Trusted Assessors for providing Carers Assessments in Enfield, but our core intentions still remain the same. Identify Carers, let them know we are here and support them the best we can.

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