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At Cambridge House we work to tackle social exclusion and enable people to transition out of crisis and progress towards independence. Our vision is of a society without poverty where all people are valued, treated equally and lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Our activities are split over three areas:

1. Frontline Services

Objective: To support people to stabilise their lives and progress. We provide specialist, personalised and integrated services to help people in crisis and support them to build the resilience they need to make recurrence of crisis less likely and improve the quality of their lives:

Social Justice Services

  • Independent Advocacy – Professional advocacy that enables individuals with serious mental and physical health issues and/or disability to have their voices heard and ensures their rights are protected.
  • Safer Renting – Specialist advice, support and advocacy for vulnerable tenants of criminal landlords.
  • Law Centre – Free, independent and expert legal services in housing, employment and benefit law

Education and Inclusion Services

  • Youth EmpowermentIntensive and wrap-around schemes for excluded 16 to 25 year olds.
  • Disabled Peoples’ EmpowermentArts, sports, life skills and wellbeing clubs for disabled children and adults.

2. Our Community Hub

Objective: To support active citizenship and community development. Our building, Cambridge House, provides community anchor facility used by more than 100,000 people a year and offers a focal point for local communities and civic activity, a home for 13 voluntary and community organisations, provides a diversity of co-located social welfare services, and is a space where local people and agencies come together to promote and bring about positive social change

3. Research and Knowledge Exchange

Objective: To support the development of social policy and practice.

We work with research organisations to generate and collate evidence of what delivery strategies are most effective at tackling poverty and social exclusion at a local level and establish opportunities for evidence sharing and knowledge exchange.  We are founding members of Locality and the International Federation of Settlements.

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