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What we offer

Direct Route toLiteracy

Our mission is to provide the best possible literacy tuition for children who are struggling at school.
These are children who, despite good conventional classroom teaching are unable to learn to read because of the nature of their specific learning difficulties. They need a different kind of teaching – bespoke, individual, multi-sensory and cumulative with plenty of opportunity for over-learning.

Opportunity toachieve

We believe all children should be given an equal opportunity to achieve their academic potential, regardless of their families financial situation.
For this reason, we work primarily with under-privileged children from deprived families and schools, children whose families are unable to afford expensive private assessments and tutoring. We believe that literacy is the key to social mobility and a fairer world.

What are ourAims?

Teach Young People to Read
To give all our pupils the chance to achieve their potential
Keep Children in School
To equip them with the literacy skills they need to cope in the classroom
Instil Confidence and Self-Esteem
To show all they can succeed. They can pass their GCSEs and progress to higher education
Diagnose academic strengths and weaknesses
Assess all those referred to us; provide DSA reports for exam concessions and work place assessments for young adults
Support Parents
To listen and discuss. To support parents in school meetings and in their applications to schools and for EHC Plans
Spread Dyslexia Awareness
By welcoming visitors to the Centre and the provision of dyslexia-awareness training

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