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African Smile, in Sigle (AS) is a group of black and white (African and European) living in Boroughs of Greenwich, Lewisham, Bexley and Bromly, driven by the concerns of producing information, advice and assistance to migrants from countries of 'Africa and Europe (France, Spain, Portuguese language), to assist them with their integration into British societies. This organization of heterogeneous compositions is founded on May 6, 2005, had been admitted as an international organization, under registration number 1109354. Aim, objectives of the African smile: As our constitution provides, i.e. in Africa as in Europe, AS pursues the following objectives: In Europe, more particularly in Belgium and Great Britain: Relieve poverty and distress, Preserving and protecting the education of people living in Europe, more particularly in Great Britain, Belgium, by providing advice, information and assistance in matters such as health, education, training for employment and social rights. In Africa, more precisely in the DRC and the Republic of Burundi, fight against poverty in the two neighboring countries, condemned to live together. Advocate for the well-being of children and women in distress, victims of the frequent wars that continue to take place in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in various forms. Help repair and rebuild schools, health centers and vocational training which were destroyed during conflicts of various forms, particularly in the province of South Kivu, in the DRC on the one hand and in Burundi on the other. Support in both countries, poor women, orphans, abandoned children, become traumatized, deprived and depressed, to have access to education and vocational training, to prepare them to take care of themselves. Within the communities, african smile integrates itself as an organization dedicated to impoverished migrants from African and European countries to integrate into British societies. We transform this mission into action for production of the following activities to the users of our services. Advice and Guides: produce information, partial and confidential advice, immigration to the rightful. We also provide information on job opportunities, guidance in education and training. Vocational training: we offer ESOL information technology and job search and work training to help our beneficiaries improve their chances of benefiting from jobs. Youth  : we organize additional classes for youth, to help them improve their educational research in school and also guide them to work hard in their chosen careers. We also browse the recreational activities to help them stay away from banditry and avoid the nasty consequences of drugs.

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