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Cancer is terrifying. It is the monster society is hesitant to name out loud, the diagnosis no one wants to hear. But fear is not the only thing the newly diagnosed must grapple with. Decisions must be made, and patients and their loved ones have to familiarise themselves with the jargon and treatment options, fast, compounding their grief and shock with uncertainty and confusion. Acheinu Cancer Support was recently launched to provide specialist support for cancer patients and their families. A brand new organization, ACS was founded by Mr Moshe Hersh Kahan who has both come face to face with the monster called cancer on a personal level. Having felt what it’s like when the disease strikes a family, he realized there was a tremendous need that had to be filled. Acheinu stands by each individual throughout every step of the process, holding their hands along the way to help them fight and win the war against cancer. Our mission is to ease the treatment process, speed up crucial processes and help patients navigate the maze of options available to them by using our connections to obtain appointments with the right specialists. Most of all, Acheinu aims to help patients and their loved ones feel supported and cared for, giving them the boost they need to continue to battle the evil killer called cancer.

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Location: 99-101 Dunsmure Road London N16 5HT
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