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Over the past three years the UK’s overwhelmingly ‘Remain’ political class has hindered and blocked Brexit, and thereby has starkly highlighted the antagonistic gulf between the political elite and the majority ‘Leave’-voting British public.

Successful populist movements have developed in almost every country across Europe except the UK, where up until now populist potential has been muddled by the dominant Brexit issue.

The UK political establishment narrows and controls the Overton window of political debate; imposes its ‘progressive’ values and intolerant left-liberal orthodoxy with the self-righteous fervour of 16th century Puritans; and silences and oppresses the population via state-enforced political correctness, hate speech, thought police, blasphemy laws, cancelling, deplatforming, censorship, shaming and other Orwellian techniques.

The Hearts of Oak aim is to initiate sustainable public and non-public activities towards the common goal of reversing the current restrictions on free speech through education and activism, both at grassroots and online.

The movement will comprise an alliance of known activists and big-hitters such as Tommy Robinson, YouTuber Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad), and successful political stunt expert Matt O’Connor (Fathers4Justice).

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